Automated supplies replenishment system

Supplio is a platform that integrates suppliers and beauty salons into a single system.

The supplier has access to information about the stocks in the salon, sales dynamics, client's portrait — the end-user, which is crucial for the promotion and production of new products.

Supplio is the CRM that brings suppliers and salons together.

Based on reviews, a salon can select a reliable supplier and the best quality product. Based on the products usage dynamics, the system predicts the required volume of purchases and plans orders. The forecasting module, based on AI technology, takes into account seasonal trends, changing demand and the specifics of each salon. Confirmed orders are monitored until complete fulfillment, payment, and rating. Thus, the supplier helps the salons to handle their orders and stocks

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Уears of experience, providing a CRM system
Salons to manage their inventory, schedule, staff & marketing
From this, we discovered a need for a new product which will help to automate supplies replenishment.

Key challenges.

No automated supplies ordering system in place
Purchasing process consists of door-to-door sales, Excel, email and phone communications, resulting in higher prices, unpredictable deliveries, and missing supplies
Bad customer service due to the lack of order control
No control over the salon's budget for supplies, resulting in overspending
Lack of ability to analyze and report on spend patterns to ensure maximum efficiency with key vendors

Key Benefits.

Customized purchasing and accounts payable in one cloud-based system, making purchase process more efficient and accessible worldwide
Keeping an eye on end-user behavior
On-time orders, so you can systemize production and logistics

For salons

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  • Solve the stock shortage problem
  • Minimize time for choosing products
  • Find a new supplier

For suppliers

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  • Plan your production and product development
  • Optimize your logistics
  • Find new clients
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